Young people are picking and grinning
because of the Play It Forward!™ Program

November 18, 2015
Katie LaDueThe Bluegrass Heritage Foundation has recently presented several instruments to young people in the North Texas area through the Play It Forward!™ Instrument Lending ProgramCaleb Woolverton, a 14-year-old from of Melissa, Texas is learning to play mandolin on a nice Savannah mandolin that was previously used by Brody Genzel of Anna, Texas.  And Katie LaDue, a 13-year-old from Dallas (pictured at right), is learning to play banjo on a nice five-string Fender banjo provided by the Foundation.

Young people are picking and grinning because of the Play It Forward! Program12-year-old Hannah Briggs of Carrollton, Texas is now happily learning to play along with her 10-year-old brother, Joshua Briggs!  (Hannah and Josh are pictured at left).  Hannah is learning to play guitar and Joshua is learning banjo.  The banjo in use by Joshua is a nice Fender donated by Foundation friend Stacy Jackson, who plays with Pearl & The Polka Dots.

We’re thrilled that more young people have a chance to play and join the bluegrass music community!  Our thanks to all who so generously support the Foundation and do good for these young people.

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