Become a Play It Forward! Program AffiliateFree Instrument Lending Program for Young People


The Bluegrass Heritage Foundation is happy to work with other bluegrass groups, associations, and teachers to help them establish their own chapter of the Play It Forward!® Instrument Lending Program.  A description of this program is on the Program Summary page.  Your bluegrass group or association can become a Play It Forward!® Program Affiliate and place instruments into the hands of deserving young people who want to play bluegrass music.

Once approved for affiliation, the Foundation will help you set up your chapter and will provide our approved logos, forms, and templates for making instrument loans.  In return, we ask that you use our forms and follow our policies, as updated from time to time. Either party may terminate the affiliation at any time, for any reason.  Instru­ments or funds donated to an affiliated group or association are, and will remain at all times, the property of that group or association.

We do require that our affiliates agree to adequately supervise all interactions between children and adults in connection with the Play It Forward!® program and make certain that conduct is suitable and appropriate at all times.  We also ask that each affiliate agree to release and hold the Bluegrass Heritage Foundation harmless from any obligations or liabilities that may arise in connection with their Play It Forward!® program activities.

The Fiddle & Pick Musical Heritage Center of Middle Tennessee, the Big Bend Bluegrass Association (Big Bend Bluegrass Festival, Alpine, Texas), the Kentucky School of Bluegrass and Traditional Music in Hyden, Kentucky, the Backbone Lake Promotion Association (Backbone Bluegrass Festival, Strawberry Point, Iowa), and the Earl Scruggs Center of Shelby, North Carolina are some of our program affiliates.  They are doing a great job of helping to place instruments into the hands of deserving young people who want to play bluegrass music.

For more information or if you would like to become a Play It Forward!® program affiliate, please contact the Foundation.

The Bluegrass Heritage Foundation is a non-profit organization, run by volunteers,
promoting bluegrass music in Texas. While it's free to get in the door to many of our events,
keeping the doors open isn't free. All contributions are greatly appreciated.

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