Texas State Championships Photo and Video Release

By participating in any one or more of the Texas State Championship con­tests, each con­test­ant (or their parent or guardian, if applicable) grants a perpetual royalty-free license to each of the sponsors of that particular Texas State Champ­ionship contest, the Bluegrass Heritage Foundation, and each of their respec­tive affiliated entities, assignees, and successors (the “Sponsoring Parties”) to (a) interview, photograph, or otherwise capture such contestant’s image, both in still and motion pictures, (b) record such contestant’s voice, separately and/or in synchronization with images, by any means known or hereafter dis­covered, and (c) use and duplicate such photo­graphs or other images, whether in print, videotape, digital, or other for­mats, and reproduce such contestant’s voice, separately or together with such contestant’s name and images for publicity, advertising, and archival purposes.

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