Nate Jennings, Gigi Jennings, and Riley Gilbreath attend 2017
Acoustic Music Camp on Vincent Memorial Scholarship Program

Scholarships Recipients July 2017August 8, 2017
12-year-old banjoist Nate Jennings and his little sister, Gigi Jennings, of Tyler, Texas, as well as Riley Gilbreath of Fort Worth, Texas attended the eleventh annual Acoustic Music Camp in Arlington, Texas (July 27-29, 2017) thanks to the Johnny Lee Vincent Memorial Scholarship Program.  Nate attended the camp last year and did a great job on banjo, and Gigi has been making progress as a young fiddler.

Riley Gilbreath has been advancing rapidly as a musician and banjoist and particularly enjoyed attending the advanced banjo classes taught by Bill Evans and Tony Trischka.  (Riley’s first banjo was provided by our Play It Forward!™ Instrument Lending Program, but he already moved on to buy his own Recording King banjo!  The Acoustic Music Camp faculty included accomplished banjoists Tony Trischka, Bill Evans, and Gerald Jones.  Other renowned faculty included Robert Bowlin, Tim May, Gretchen Priest-May, Paul Glasse, Brad Davis, Dix Bruce, and Roberta Rast.

The Mr. Johnny Vincent Johnny Lee Vincent Memorial Scholarship Program is named in memory of Mr. Johnny Vincent of Greentop, Missouri, a bluegrass pioneer and the father of the Foundation’s first Bluegrass Star Award® recipient, Rhonda Vincent, and bluegrass star Darrin Vincent.  Johnny and his family toured the world as the Sally Mountain Show, performing their special brand of bluegrass music. He was known for his unique banjo style and founded the Sally Mountain Bluegrass Festival in Queen City, Missouri.

The Bluegrass Heritage Foundation appreciates the support of Mr. Vincent’s family and friends, our other donors and volunteers, and all who help make it possible for us to assist young people like Nate and Gigi Jennings and Riley Gilbreath.

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