Young people are learning to play bluegrass through
the Play It Forward!™ Program

Nicholas WilliamsDecember 5, 2016
The Bluegrass Heritage FoundationJacob Williams has been busy in recent months presenting instruments to young people around the North Texas through our Play It Forward!™ Instrument Lending Program.  The latest is 12-year-old Nicholas Williams of Howe, Texas (pictured at left), who is the younger brother of another Play It Forward!™ participant, Jacob Williams (at right).  We are excited to help more young people learn and play bluegrass music, and we appreciate all who have supported the Foundation with donations and instruments to make this happen.

The Bluegrass Heritage Foundation is a non-profit organization, run by volunteers,
promoting bluegrass music in Texas. While it's free to get in the door to many of our events,
keeping the doors open isn't free. All contributions are greatly appreciated.

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